Phalanx Foundation

an organised body of people brought together for a common purpose

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To develop a sustainable balance between communities and the conservation of wildlife and habitat
The global human population has increased significantly and with wildlife crime now the world’s fourth largest illegal activity behind drugs, arms and human trafficking, the pressure on the natural environment and delicate ecosystems are nearing dangerous levels.

Changes must be made.

On January the 22nd 2013, the Phalanx Foundation was founded to help support existing wildlife and environmental projects, key areas of interest and to oversee the creation of an independent ranger service in Kenya.

We operate on a voluntary basis which benefits from no overheads, meaning 100% of all donations go directly to where it is needed most and with the correct managerial approach, positive attitude and careful investment we can all help play a key role in the struggle to protect the future of our planet.

Founded through inspiration, driven by dedication, we are an entirely transparent organisation.

Our priorities

To provide wildlife/environmental education and training to communities, maintaining infrastructure of wildlife sanctuaries, offering advice, increase worldwide awareness, developing strategies to tackle various levels of wildlife crime and pollution, logistics and supply chain management.

Ranger Service

Wildlife Rangers are on the frontline and indispensable to the conservation effort, the dedication of these individuals can account for the majority of success stories we hear and see today.

Their achievements do not come easily and many have lost their lives to protect what the majority of us take for granted.

The duties of a ranger include and are not limited to, providing education to communities, wildlife protection, research, de-snaring, intelligence gathering, crime investigation and environmental clean-ups.