Primate + Marine Conservation

Primate Conservation

Colobus Conservation

We are working in close collaboration with a highly active sanctuary in the tourism hotspot of Diani.

Operated by local residents, it was established to predominantly protect and preserve primates like the nationally threatened Angolan Colobus monkey, but has also been well known to take in other species of wildlife that are in need.

As of the 1980’s this small area of the Kwale district has seen a large increase in deforestation and mining, which in part has placed enormous strain on the surrounding indigenous populations and environment.

Marine Conservation

Local Ocean Trust

Located in Watamu, this area is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, recognised as a UNESCO world biosphere reserve.

We are in partnership with a sea turtle rehabilitation group, which was setup by locals out of necessity to try and conserve the marine environment due to an escalation in illegal fishing and pollution.

These reptiles are very important to the world’s oceans as they perform a vital and integral role in marine and coastal ecosystems.

A visit from the famous philanthropist David Attenborough in 2012 saw their efforts recognised, as the organisation was featured on the world acclaimed documentary series, Africa.

We are very selective of the projects we undertake, in doing so we can remain a small and efficient organisation.